review1-compressor “Hands down the best gym I’ve ever been a member of, and is AWESOME for families! Amazing staff, great prices, and a fun place to workout. My son does his boxing class while I do my kettlebell class. Our family plans on being a part of the Crazy Monkey family for a long time!”
– Wendy A.

review1-compressor “More like a family than a gym. Get personal coaching and excellent technique while getting lean and mean. No egos just bunch of professionals who want to put in work to get stronger, faster, and better.”
– Aaron R.

review1-compressor “There’s a reason all the reviews are 5 stars. This isn’t mall karate, this isn’t Rexkwondo, it’s the legit, real deal. The head coach, Eric, truly knows the fight game from top to bottom. Doesn’t matter if it’s one on one, or a full class, he’s able to pay attention to everyone, and help where help is needed. The part-time coach, Stacey, is also fantastic. Both have their own styles of teaching, and both work equally well. I always feel safe training with them and more confident after each class. They’ll push you but never break you.
If you’re looking for self-defense, to get in shape or everything and in between, I can honestly say without bias or exaggeration, you’ll find no where better.”
– Austen S.

review1-compressor “Self preservation first and foremost; against non-cooperative opponents, with progressive pressure, ensuring you are always improving your technique, and ability, add in some fantastic coaching ( which makes all the difference ) .
For one fee you get.
A well thought out striking systems that will help keep you on your feet
Clinch work to move to the ground or escape if you need it
BJJ if the game ends up on the ground
Kettlebells for advanced fitness
Mobility and Yoga to help you stay on the mats forever
If you’re in the market for any of this check out CMD and let Eric or Saiko introduce you to how martial skills and fitness should be taught.
No meatheads, no gimmicks, no ego’s, just a bunch people that train together, help each other get better, under the guidance of professional coaches.”
– Todd W.

review1-compressor “Fantastic, sharp looking facility. High level, personalized coaching in anything from fitness and yoga to standup striking, self defense and grappling. It’s literally a one stop shop if you’re looking to take yourself to the next level. Highly recommended.”
– Nathan W.

review1-compressor “The staff is the best !! Eric / Saiko / Stacy / Ronda / Ron if a missed someone SORRY !!! there is this feeling about being a big family more than just a gym !!!
The only thing I regret is not knowing about this place before !!!! YOU ARE GREAT !!!”
– Hermes S.

review1-compressor “This is a great gym with phenomenal instructors. A realistic attitude toward self defense and fitness, a friendly staff and friendly clients.”
– Tikiole L.

review1-compressor “Highest quality of personalized fitness coaching in the area. Whether in defense programs, kettlebell or yin yoga, coach Eric and Saiko are there to listen and help you to achieve your goals.”
– Shau P.

review1-compressor “This gym has been perfect for my son and I. It has allowed us to be together, to push, observe, and give a new found respect for each other and our classmates. Much respect and appreciation for the wonderful facility, Saiko and Eric the instructors and classes that my family has had the privilege of taking so far during our time there at Crazy Monkey. Keep Calm, breath and push a little each day. 1 percent improvement each day adds up over time. 🙂 Thanks”
– Ron L.

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