• Please arrive 10 minutes prior to class. If a class is already in session, please be respectful and do not disrupt the class in session. Classes will begin promptly, so arrive early and be ready to train.
  • If you are late, please wait at the edge of the mat until the coach/trainer asks you to join the class.
  • Please leave unhealthy egos and bad attitudes at the door.  Everyone is here to learn Crazy Monkey Defense and improve their skills to become a better version of themselves day after day.
  • No shoes on the mat unless approved by the Coach. Barefoot training is preferred, but if you need to wear shoes, appropriate wrestling or boxing shoes are acceptable.
  • Please bring your equipment to every class.  Boxing gloves, MMA gloves, and a mouthguard are required pieces of equipment for stand up classes.  Clean Gi’s and/or NoGi apparel is required for for BJJ classes. Loaner equipment is available but will require burpees as a rental fee.  
  • Offensive language and disrespectful remarks will not be tolerated. Good manners must be practiced at all times.
  • Please be quiet when the coach or trainer is providing instruction. Give your full attention when they are demonstrating techniques.
  • You are not the most important person in the gym. Your training partner is. They sacrifice their time, energy, and body in order for you to practice the art. Without them, you can’t train. Respect your training partners.
  • Do not use your skills outside the gym, unless it is for self-preservation. Crazy Monkey Defense is a self-defense art and not meant for street fighting. Any member of the gym found using their skills to start street fights or intimidate others will immediately be banned from training at this facility as well as any other Crazy Monkey gym worldwide.
  • Place your phone on vibrate or turn them off prior to training.
  • Clean up after yourself. Place trash in the appropriate place. Do not leave equipment, clothing or valuables in the facility. We are not responsible for them. We hold all lost and found items for 30 days and then they will be discarded.
  • Proper hygiene, clean attire and equipment are required.  Excessive perfumes or colognes are unacceptable. 
  • No weapons allowed in the gym.

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