Project Description

Saiko Yoga Method

Our yoga program is truly unique.  Each session is catered to each individuals needs based on her/his physical or mental condition, no two classes are the same.  We focus on Jana Yoga (Yoga of Wisdom) by observing our own body and mental state which develops insight into our own practice rather than going through the movement or motion without those qualities.

We like to use the component of ‘Yin Yoga’ more than that of ‘Yang Yoga’ (which involves lots of fast pace movements, cardio, heat, or with the focus on the muscles).  Yin Yoga, in contrast, is a deep de-compressing and releasing which typically consists of several gentle seated poses held for three to ten minutes each in order to access each bone, joint, ligament, connective tissue and fascia.  I like to use the analogy of ‘braces on the teeth’ when I explain Yin Yoga to beginners: Just like it takes as much as 2 years to move teeth by keeping the braces on them, it takes longer to access bone and joints than to access the muscle.  Thus we hold each posture for a while.  After ridding physical, emotional and environmental stress and toxins and feeling fully opened and relaxed, seated meditation or several breathing exercises may follow.

For those who have physical limitations due to injuries or surgeries, rehabilitation or modification poses are introduced in order to strengthen the area affected and heal it while you maintain your regular daily routine.  Do not feel intimidated about the practice just because you are feeling some pain.  There are thousands of postures to go through, and we just have to find the right ones to suit your needs.

The true benefit of yoga is purely mental.  You feel more opened, relaxed, focused, and thankful inside out after spending the whole sixty minutes in a completely safe, quiet environment with just yourself.  Then it is all up to you to maintain the ‘practice of yoga’ away from your yoga mat; being more present and content that you can start sharing those qualities with others around you…