Project Description

Crazy Monkey Defense

Crazy Monkey Defense is a modern martial art that is grounded in BOXING.  We created Crazy Monkey to be the counter culture to a modern martial art world that is focused on hyper-competitiveness and reality based self defense rhetoric. The training environment that emerges from this philosophy is FREE from the ‘Meatheads’, ‘Alpha Males’, and ‘Tough Guise’ so prevalent in the modern martial arts world.

At Crazy Monkey Northwest we believe in the potency of combining innovative physical technique with warrior wisdom, with one single minded mission; helping you, our client to prepare for full contact living.

We understand the importance of a warrior’s self-discipline.  Whilst we help you achieve your goals in fitness, health and defense, our unique teachings show you how to handle your life and workplace conflict more skilfully.  We coach you how to implement your lessons from the mat to perform well in all aspects of your life by connecting with your inner warrior.

You will learn how to defend yourself, build inner and outer strength, and you will learn how to manage your emotions and stress better.

Taught to world class athletes, military special forces and every day martial artists (female and male), we offer embodied performance coaching; a fusion of modern martial arts and the philosophy of the body. This has proved phenomenally popular, as more and more individuals, celebrities and military operators realize the sheer power of activating the natural intelligence of their body.

To summarize Crazy Monkey in once sentence: We coach you to use your embodied intelligence so that you can survive hostile mind-sets, and are physically and mentally resilient to fight against all of life’s challenges.

Preparing you for Full Contact Living on and off the mat.

Crazy Monkey USA coaches life-skills

Martial Arts are a wonderful vehicle for positive, healthy change in people’s lives – helping them move out of negative spaces and into positive ones.  Of course this only happens if martial arts are coached correctly and with philosophical implications. Through coaching the Crazy Monkey Defense Program we strive to find the life lessons in everything we do on the mat and in the gym.  If what we are coaching and practicing does not help us perform better in our lives and career outside of the gym then we don’t want to coach it.  Developing focus, patience, mindfulness, centered, discipline and a healthy attitude toward obstacles are only a few of the lessons that Crazy Monkey Northwest actively engages in creating.

Ultimately training at Crazy Monkey Northwest, even in sparring, is not about dominating the person in front of you, but a vehicle for learning to control fear, cope with frustration, and developing self control!

Crazy Monkey USA strives for Ecological and Social Consciousness.

Beyond using the martial arts for self-defense and developing a healthy personal philosophy – we also want our practice to be mindful of how our actions and our martial arts practice affects the ecology around us, and the greater society as a whole.  Therefore through the Crazy Monkey Defense Program we seek out an active roll in our neighborhood, our society and the planet as a whole.  We realize that the quality of our consciousness is directly linked to the quality of our relationships with the people in our gym, our neighborhood and the ground we stand on.