Project Description

CM Youth Program

Parents, are you tired of martial arts that have hidden fees for testing and evaluation, aside from all the equipment?  Are you looking for a bit more for your child than just a few sweet moves that look good in front of a mirror?  Do you want your child to learn in a fun, playful environment that will give him or her a functional martial arts skill that you can actually see?  Would you like to have input into your child’s training?  You are in luck!!!

Crazy Monkey USAt’s Youth Program is a boxing based modern martial arts program for kids that focuses on more than just physical skills.  Yes, your child will learn boxing, kickboxing and grappling as a martial art, as well as a form of self defense.  We work on things like respect, self confidence, courtesy, concentration, perseverance, and cooperation.  Goal setting will be covered for short and long term goals and we teach them to achieve realistic goals in a fun and practical way.  In today’s age kids are easily distracted and aren’t as active as we would like them to be.  Martial Arts are a fun way to get the kids off the couch and active.  We sit down with parents to find out your needs and come up with realistic and challenging goals for your child, together.

Why Choose Crazy Monkey USA For Your Kid? 

Each child learns key values in the CM USA Youth Program that they can apply to everyday life.

Being dependable and showing respect for family, teachers, and adults is the starting point.  Through the learning, practice and reward a student will grow their self-esteem and confidence.  This is also a hugely important step towards anti-bullying.  This approach allows us to bring together the ancient intention of martial arts and seamlessly combine it with modern, functional martial arts.  By focusing on the physical, mental and emotional we provide a strong base for children to become successful, not only on the mat, but at home, in school and in life! With continual support and testing situations they will re-enforce this new found confidence and learn to find courage, tact, and coolness to deal with new experiences.  Students are continually taught about the value of endurance…

Life will knock us down…

but we can choose to get back up again…

As their Martial Arts ability grows it is very important that their ‘head space’ stays in check by the occasional lesson in humility.

At Crazy Monkey USA we treat your kids as students as well as athletes.  We are determined to enhance your child’s performance in the shortest time possible; hence we ensure the kids have fun while learning Martial Arts and Self-Defense skills that will last a lifetime.

We ensure that techniques taught are appropriate for each kid’s age and grade.  Classes are fun, challenging and rewarding; the techniques taught are designed to help keep them safe.  Since we offer small group classes, spaces are limited.  We only have spaces available for 10-12 kids in each class.  This gives us a chance to get to know your child and provide them with the quality instruction and coaching that you are looking for.  We have programs for kids ranging from age 7-16 years old.  So reserve your child’s spot in this revolutionary program.